If the slaughterhouses would be made out of glass then nobody would continue to eat meat.

God is Perfect

I am loyal to my philosophy that everything what God does is perfect. That is my faith.

Pleasure from Transcendental Values

Devotees do not try to find pleasure in mundane mellows, they concentrate more in transcendental values and relations.

All Rights Reserved by the Author

Do not try to analyse Karma. Karma is something behind a curtain where the Supreme Lord has written: all rights reserved by the author.

Lowering the egos

To unite is an art which means to lower the egos.

Help comes from Above

If someone with only a small amount of money wants to start a business, he has to look for a strong partner. In the same way we should look for spiritually advanced persons, sadhus or a spiritual master, to be able to make spiritual progress.

Spiritual Values

Knowledge and appreciation of the spiriual world and spiritual values will automatically help us to get free from material attachments.

The Sound of Quality

The sound that enters your ears must be of such a quality that it makes your live full of love and glorious.

A Spiritual Master

The Guru is the reservoir of all transcendental qualities. He takes us from the darkness into the light by engaging us in devotional service for the Lord.

What is the Direction of our Lives?

We always have to keep the flag, which shows our ideals, visible above our heads.

Vedic Literature is the Authority

The transcendental, vedic literatur is a great present, as without it we cannot define our true authorities. And a life without authorities is a life without focus.

A new Vegetarian

A new vegetarian is a nice festival. It is a more sensible being. It is a new being that is more capable to hear transcendental messages and to hopefully understand something. It is a new being that does not cause anxiety to animals. It is a new being that is conscious about his Mother Earth. It is a new potencial friend. It is an ally to expand a new life. It is one more person who was benefitted of the grace of Srila Prabhupada. It is a new messenger of healthy life.

Fulfilling Duties

The fulfilled duty is the best calming for anxieties and the best remedy for the soul.

The Basis of Understanding

Vegetarianism is the basis for the understanding of spiritual values.

Divinity of Live

In order that the seed of peace starts to grow and florish, never forget that live is divine, no matter in what kind of a body.

Action and Reaction Applied

If we distribute love, goodness, generosity, etc. the same things will return to us.

The Relation with the Spiritual Master

The relationship with the Spiritual Master is fundamental for spiritual life.

What are Temples good for?

Temples are places of refuge, of releave from fears, of cure from pain and the itching of the conditioned and frustrated soul.

Attachment to Service

We are not supposed to be attached to the results of our actions but to the service to the devotees.

Serving the Vaisnavas

If we can serve the Vaisnavas it is the perfection of our life.

Mythotherapy vs. The Biggest Fallacy

What is the biggest fallacy of our modern society?
It is the indifference, maybe through not knowing, that each cause produces and effect or that each effect must have a cause. And by living in ignorance of this connection between cause and effect, humanity continues to ruin its health and the condition of the planet. Mythotherapy is the natural therapy which looks for answers to the conflicts and difficulties in the laws of material nature with the help and backing of divine revelation.

Srila Prabhupada as Perfect Father and Example

Srila Prabhupada was a universal father, his form of caring for us will enter in the annals of history as an example of a perfect father. We should all take this example.

God knows You

God knows exactly how sincere you are in your attempts to search for Him. There is nothing you can hide from Him. And He will reward you according to your dedication to Him.

The Four Regulative Principles

The meaning of the four regulative principles (of the human form of life) is that one must not do harm to others, nor to oneself.

Guidance for Life

Whereever you will open the Srimad Bhagavatam it will give you life and practical guidance.

Are you Successful?

Success can turn into a loss if we forget that humility and nice treatment of others.

The Common Cause

Charity is the basis of the common cause. Egotism is the enemy of the common cause.

A Vegetarian Diet for the Revolution of your Heart

The spiritual and loving revolution of your heart starts with what comes onto your plate.

Following the Path of Faith

To follow the path of faith we have to be loyal to spiritual ideals and not to material things.

Life comes from Life - Are Scientists Intelligent?

Isn't it strange that some brilliant scientists could spend entire lifetimes in laboratories trying to create life, without success, just to demonstrate that no intelligence was necessary to create life in the first place?

The Heart will tell You

God has put the knowledge of His existence in every living being.

Suffering because of Egotism

Keep away from clashing together of egos. Some people have the capacity to drown in a glass of water.

Liberation through Efforts

Freedom, or liberation, does only make sense if there is somebody you can make efforts for.

Diving into the Ocean of Truth

We should prepare ourselves every day to dive deep into the ocean of truth.

Humbleness and Heroes

One who is humble sees that there are heroes everywhere.

When the Lord will appear in your Heart

If you take the message of Srila Prabhupada to your heart, the Lord will appear in your heart.

Humbleness and Heroes

One who is humble sees that there are heroes everywhere.

Devotees are Friends

One day people will understand that the devotees are their best friends. Until then they still have to suffer.


The important things can only be obtained by inspiration. They cannot be forced.

The purpose of Krishna consciousness

The purpose of Krishna consciousness is to make everybody happy.

The Glory of Live

The highest glory of our life is that Srila Prabhupada gives us some service.

Understanding the Science of Yoga

A vegetarian diet is fundamental to be able to learn the science of yoga.

The Plan of the Spiritual Master

The plan to serve the spiritual master is a very beautiful plan and requires a delicate approach. One has to be really careful to do things nicely for the spiritual master, because in this world we are always facing different circumstances. The main impact of a person is his guru. In fact there is only one guru and one Lord and there is only one process called devotional service and there is one prediction that in every town and village the holy name will be chanted.

Meditation is the Hope

Having the power to always think of the Lord is our only hope; the only thing that can help us.

The Message of Srila Prabhupada

Our world needs Srila Prabhupada and his message of Universal Love.

A Beautiful Consciousness

The transcendental consciousness of Bhakti Yoga is the most beautiful consciousness, where one can understand all different stages of spiritual love.

Where to find Danger

The danger does not lie in other people or cultures; the danger lies in our proper falsity.

Yoga is the Path of Light

Yoga is the path of light that takes us away from darkness.

Accepting and Giving Help

First we all look for persons who make us grow but you too have to become a person that make others grow spiritually.

A Crumb of Devotion

A crumb of devotion (for the Lord) is far better than tons of speculation.

Connected with the Lord

How deep you want to be connected with the Lord depends only of you.

The Protection of Love

Truthfulness is the best protection of love.

The Ideals of Yoga

Yoga invites us to practice austerities to reach our ideals.

When does one become old?

You are becoming old when you stop learning.

Living a Good Life

If you turn away from God you do not have the force to make things right in life.

The Path of Love

The sincere search for love necessarily brings us to Krsna.

The Greatest Enemy

Pride is the most subtle and greatest of our enemies.

Paying the Debts

By serving the Lord our debts are not canceled but rather they are paid.


The Lord sends Karma because He wants us to become responsable.

God in your Mind

Allow the thought of God to keep the thoughts of the world distant.

Four Principles

When the four principles of spiritual life are missing, society falls down and enters in chaos.

Relative vs Absolute

We are living submerged in the torture of the relative, forgetting the extasis of the absolute.

Use your Life

Establish spiritual values in your life. Do it now, later your life is over.


Knowledge means to understand matter, spirit and the controller of both of them.

Pride Comes Before a Fall

Pride means that I do not feel that I need help.

The Most Necessary

Universal Love is not only something theoretical, but it is most practical and necessary.

The Lord in the Heart

My Lord is in the heart of everyone. That's why I have to act in such a way that others will be benefitted by my intentions and actions.

Perfection of Spiritual Science

Spiritual science is being perfected when one learns to serve.

The Big Trick

This is the big trick of the spiritual life of devotees: chanting, dancing and feasting.

Universal Love

When you love God you have to love everybody.

Approaching God

We are trying to approach God as if He was our servant. But we have to approach Him with the heart in our hands.

Absolute Authority

The absolute authority is the one that loves everybody.

Freedom of Mercy

There are no controlls or walls to stop your mercy.

The Refuge of our Lives

God is the relieve for pain, enthusiasm for the lethargic, patience for the impatient, and He is our connection to what reason is demanding of us.

The Hope of the World

The enthusiasm of the devotees of the Lord is the hope of the world.

Yoga reveals everything

Through yoga we can get to know the source of everything. By knowing the source of everything, there will be nothing more to be known and there will be nothing more to be desired.

Proper Actions

If one refuses to act according to the instructions of the Lord, one is forced to act according to the material modes of nature, which are influencing one's actions and behaviour.

The Exercise of Freedom

Submission to the Absolute Truth is undoubtedly the greatest exercise of freedom conceivable.

Material Covering of the Soul

The gratification of the senses of the material body leads to a covering of the spiritual soul, and by that covering the consciousness becomes materially conditioned. With such a materially contaminated consciousness it becomes impossible to understand the Lord, Sri Krishna.

What is yoga?

Yoga is the maximum union of love that can exist.

Of Friends and Enemies

The one who criticises me is my friend and the one who flatters me is my enemy because he keeps me satisfied in my mediocrity.

The Love of Sri Krishna

The Lord, Sri Krishna, has so much love for us that He gives us liberty. It is the greatest act of love to provide total liberty of opinion and will to others.

Accepting the Lord

We are maintained by mercy, not by right. With this body of flesh and blood we are perceiving the infinite, the infinite energy of the Lord. Is this not enough for you to accept the Lord, Sri Krishna?